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In the early 1950s it became evident that there was a need for telephone service in the rural communities of central North Carolina. Larger telephone companies ignored the region. just because they thought our rural communities didn’t have enough population to make the investment worthwhile. So a handful of concerned and dedicated people living in the sparsely populated areas of Randolph, Chatham and Moore Counties banded together for a common dream, a hope that one day their area would have the same reliable communications as the larger cities.

They gathered funds, signed petitions, and got membership enrollments from their friends and family members. They put in countless hours and faced many setbacks. But the fruits of their labor were seen when the Secretary of the State of North Carolina granted A Certificate of Incorporation on May 13, 1954 through the North Carolina Rural Electrification Authority. It was on that day that a new force in rural telecommunications emerged. Its name was Randolph Telephone Membership Corporation.

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